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1. Astrokettle Algorithms Country: Russia
Industry service
"1D Stock Cutter" - easy-to-use and powerful software for material stock cutting to length optimization
URL: http://www.astrokettle.com/pr1dsc.html
Related keywords: 1d, cutting, nesting, packing, layout, optimization, minimize, waste, cut to size

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2. Cera Dymanics Ltd. Country: United Kingdom
Manufacturers of high quality glasses for use in Dentistry, Medical, Electronics, Armour and Waste Encapsulation applications. Bespoke Glass Manufacturer.
URL: http://www.ceradynamics.co.uk
Related keywords: dental, medical, electronics, waste encapsulation, armour, bespoke, glass manufacturer.

1: Other glass industries
3. Dryden Aqua Ltd Country: United Kingdom
We manufacture AFM filtration media which is a direct replacement for sand in sand filters used for the filtration of water. AFM is manufactured from recovered glass.
URL: http://www.AdvancedFiltrationMedia.com

1: Other glass industries
4. Envirowise Country: United Kingdom
Business Info.
Envirowise is a government programme offering free, independent, industry-specific advice ( inc. publications, telephone helpline, consultancy) on practical ways to minimise waste and convert turnover into profit.
URL: http://www.envirowise.gov.uk/
Related keywords: environmental issues, recycling, recovery, water/ waste minimisation, energy efficiency

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5. General Kinematics Country: United States
General Kinematics Vibratory Equipment for the glass industry includes conveyors, feeders and fluidized bed processors for cullet glass, finished fiber and post-consumer glass waste.
URL: http://www.generalkinematics.com
Related keywords: conveyors, feeders, quenchers, cullet, fluidized bed processors, mills, grinding, processing, shakers

1: Flot glass > Miscellaneous
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6. General Kinematics Corp. Country: United States
Vibratory process equipment includes conveyors, feeders and fluidized bed processors for cullet glass, finished fiber and post-consumer glass waste. Vibratory Conveyors for Cullet Glass -- Syncro-CoilŪ conveyors efficiently handle, quench, solidify and thermally fracture molten glass gobs and streams.
URL: http://www.generalkinematics.com
Related keywords: quenching, gob cooling, vibratory conveyors, feeders, fluid bed coolers, classification,

1: Flot glass > Machinery and Equipment > Other machines for glass processing
7. Glass Compaction Services Ltd Country: United Kingdom
Manufacturer of Silipaktor glass crusher, sited in pubs, clubs, hotels etc. Also reduces collection costs (of waste glass contaners) by as much as 60%.
URL: http://www.glasscompactionservices.co.uk
Related keywords: glass crusher, glass-crusher, container glass crusher, glass container crusher

1: Hollow glass > Machinery and equipment
8. Northern Cullet Ltd Country: United Kingdom
We offer an efficient waste glass collection service. Our modern recycling process produces high quality abrasives, anti-slip, blasting, decorative, filtration and other media.
URL: http://www.northerncullet.com
Related keywords: waste collection, recycled glass, decogem, anti-slip, cullet, abrasive, chippings, decorative, blasting, filtration

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9. Raute Precision Oy Country: Finland
Supplier of glass raw material systems as batch plant, cullet return system and glass fibre waste systems. Both, turn key projects or smaller packages.
URL: http://www.rauteprecision.fi
Related keywords: batch plant, cullet return system, weighing and dosing equipment, batch plant control system, waste fiber recycling system

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10. Selutor GmbH Country: Germany
Selutor is specialist in the cleaning and circulatory conductions of coolants used in glass processing enterprises and presents you standard systems as well as individual solutions.
URL: http://www.selutor.de
Related keywords: water cleaning, glass grinding, coolant circulation, cleaning systems, waste water, water filtration, grinding water, flate glass, automotive glass, glass particles

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11. Centre for Glass Research, Sheffield University Country: United Kingdom
We offer UG and PG teaching. We have extensive glass-melting and characterisation facilities. Our research programmes include optical glasses, strength, waste immobilisation, refractories, biomaterials.
URL: http://www.shef.ac.uk/~em/
Related keywords: optical glass, strength, waste immobilisation, refractories, biomaterials, teaching, research, characterisation

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12. Suomen Uusioaines Ltd. Country: Finland
Industry service
Collection and processing of recycled glass: packing, window and windscreen glass. High quality colour sorted cullet for glass wool, packing glass and window glass industry.
URL: http://www.uusioaines.com
Related keywords: recycled glass, recycling, glass recycling, waste glass, crushing, cullet, glass purification, glass treatment, reclaimed glass, colour sorting

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13. Zippe Industrieanlagen GmbH Country: Germany
Batch Plants, Recycling Plants for all kind of glass waste, Batch Chargers and Glass Level Controlers, Batch and Cullet Preheaters.
URL: http://www.zippe.de

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