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1. Ajka KristŠly ‹vegipari Kft. Country: Hungary
Mouth blown,hand cut household glassware (stemware,tumblers,decanters and a lot of gift items)made of potash and lead crystal glass .
URL: http://www.ajka-crystal.hu

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2. Hindusthan National Glass & Industries Limited Country: India
Manufacturer of glass containers and tumblers of size between 5 ml. to 3200 ml.
URL: http://www.hngindia.com
Related keywords: glass containers for industries like pharmaceutical, soft drinks, distilleries, cosmetics etc.

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3. La Rochere Sa Country: France
Glassware for restaurants: sundaes, plates, cups, bowls, candlesticks in white and colored glass. Stemware, tumblers, hand-made vases and lamps. Glassblocks, glasstiles, glasspavers.
URL: http://www.larochere.com
Related keywords: glassblocks, glasstiles, sundaes, stemware, tumblers, vases, decorative lamps.

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4. Leonardi & C. Country: Italy
Leonardi & C. is distributor in Italy of Sisecam group of Istanbul for tableware and glass packaging.
URL: http://www.leonardipasabahce.it
Related keywords: tableware,glasses,tumblers, bottles,jars,glass packaging,stemware,promotional items, printed glass items

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5. Machines Dubuit Country: France
Manufacturer of automatic and semi-automatic screen printing machines using thermoplastic enamels conventional or uv inks.
URL: http://www.dubuit.com

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6. Moda Mostra- Vassilios Emmanuil Kaldis Country: Greece
Fused glass decorative items, glass lamps, glass icons, glass trays with tumblers.
URL: http://www.modamostra.gr
Related keywords: fused glass, fusing, vetro fusione, glass tableware

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7. PT The First National Glassware Ltd. Country: Indonesia
We are a one of tableware producer in Indonesia, which producing tumblers, plates, bowls, astraies, candle holders, cups, mugs, jugs, and also cosmetic bottles and jars.
URL: http://www.firnaglass.com
Related keywords: tableware glass and cosmetic containers such as tumblers, plates, bowls, astraies, candle holders, cups, mugs, jugs, cosmetic bottles, jars

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8. Slovak Import Company Country: United States
Industry service
We import fine handmade crystal glass from Slovakia. We sell giftware and tableware such as vases, jugs, covered boxes, bottles, bowls, plates, stemware, and tumblers.
URL: http://www.slovakic.com/
Related keywords: import, wholesale, retail, cut glass, handmade, mouthblown, online sales, giftware, tableware.

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9. Steklarna Hrastnik - Stedek d.o.o. Country: Slovenia
Industry service
We are glass decoration factory. We provide a complete solution and relieve you of your worries. We provide assistance in making a good choice of product and decoration.
URL: http://www.stedek.si
Related keywords: screen printing, direct printing, spraying, transfering, hand painting, curing, decoration, tabelware, tumblers, mugs

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10. STIROM S.A. Country: Romania
Producer of machine made bottles, jars, vials, tumblers, ashtrays, bowls, plates, candy boxes.
URL: http://www.stirom.ro
Related keywords: glassware, bottles, jars, glasses, ashtrays, vials,

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11. Vicotex SA Country: Switzerland
Selling all kind of Tumblers machine made or hand made printed with your logo, picture or not dl or cc printed or not, crystal or not, steamware,caraf's,pitchers,Vases, heat resistant glass, solar glass, ashtrays, beer mugs, mugs, and all in glass products.
URL: http://www.glassdirect.ch

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