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1. E&C del Pozzo Country: United States
Elegant brass, marble, silver, bone and wood hourglasses with 3-minute to full hour sand timers.
URL: http://www.delpozzo.com/hourglasses.htm
Related keywords: hourglass, sand timer, glass timer, egg timer, hour glass, clepsydra, clessidra, decorative glass, time glass

1: Art Glass > Miscellaneous
2. Gelecek Industrial Control Systems Ltd. Country: Turkey
Industry service
Drvive systems for hollow glass industry. Control systems. Timer systems for press machines, IS machines. Tempering line control systems. Synchronization systems. Annealing lehr control systems.
URL: http://www.gelecek-controls.com
Related keywords: synchronization, drive, hollow glass, timer, servo feeder, tempering line control

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