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1. Palmer Products Corporation Country: United States
Manufacturers two adhesives for mirrors. Palmer Mirro-Mastic is for most mirror and substrates and QwikSet Mirro-Mastic is faster setting for plate glass mirror.
URL: http://www.mirro-mastic.com
Related keywords: adhesive, mastic, mirror adhesive, mirro-mastic, qwikset

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2. Pankhurst Tool & Die Co Ltd Country: United Kingdom
Manufacturer of precision, optical fibre substrating and coating split dies in tungsten carbide to suit Heathway machines. Toolmaker with wire and spark eroding and grinding machinery.
URL: http://www.toolmaker.uk.com
Related keywords: heathway, tungsten carbide, substrate, fibre, die, coating, toolmaker, toolmaking, extrusion

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3. Plan Optik GmbH Country: Germany
Processing and coating of optical glass. Production of substrates and components for semiconductor and photonics industry.
URL: http://www.planoptik.com
Related keywords: borofloat, pyrex, wafer, bk7, coat, schott, corning, quartz, fused, silica

1: Optical glass
4. Sydor Optics, Inc. Country: United States
Manufacturer of precision flat-surfaced, parallel & wedged optics such as: debris shields, filters, grating substrates, lightpipes, mirrors, plate beamsplitters, wafers, wedges & windows.
URL: http://www.sydor.com
Related keywords: fused silica wafers, double-sided polishing, debris shields, lightpipes, windows

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5. Universal Photonics, Inc. Country: United States
Manufacturer of high quality cerium oxide and polishing materials for all types of glass substrates. Since 1926, Universal has provided technical solutions to glass polishing.
URL: http://www.universalphotonics.com
Related keywords: lp polishing rings, cerium oxide, felt, coolant, filtering systems, rhodite

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