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1. Chipi Glass Country: Italy
Manufacturer of presses, spinning machines, injection machines, blowing machines, fire polishers for tableware, technicalware.
URL: http://www.chipiglass.com
Related keywords: press, spinning, injection, blowing, fire polisher, tableware, second hand, engineering

1: Automotive glass > Machinery and Equipment
2. Cyberglass Robotics Country: France
Cyberglass Robotics is specialised in robotics and machinery for the hollow glass industry. We offer a large range of robots, hot forming and finishing machines.
URL: http://www.cyberglass.fr
Related keywords: glass gathering robot, glass suction robot, glass blowing robot, handling robot, presses, spinning machines, infect machines, shears, crackoff machines, fire polishing machines.

1: Hollow glass > Machinery and equipment
3. Füller Glastechnologie Vertriebs-GmbH Country: Germany
Production systems and production engineering for the hot-end production of optical, technical and crystal glasses, focussing on high-quality and high-flexibility; complete production lines, special applications.
URL: http://www.f-gt.de
Related keywords: production systems for: table ware, kitchen ware, building bricks, lenses, reflectors, production systems: feeder, feeder-channel colouring, blowing, pressing, spinning, injecting, casting, combi-systems, handling, fire-polishing, fire-cut, glazing, w

1: Automotive glass > Machinery and Equipment
2: Hollow glass > Machinery and equipment
4. H. Putsch® GmbH & Comp. KG Country:  Germany
H. Putsch®  GmbH & Comp. KG Manufacturer of automatic and semi-automatic glass forming machines, shear blades, gathering robots, glassmaker tools, automatic saws for cutting bullet proof glass, filters.
URL: http://www.putsch.com
Related keywords: cutting, filter, glassmaker, injection, press, regrind, robot, shear blade, spinning, tools, glassmaker,

1: Hollow glass > Accessories and tools
2: Hollow glass > Machinery and equipment
5. J. Walter Co. Maschinen GmbH Country: Germany
Fully automatic production lines with PLC/CNC electronic control for glass blocks, headlamps, stemware and tableware.
URL: http://www.walterco.de

1: Hollow glass > Machinery and equipment
6. Officine S.L. srl Country: Italy
Our company produces moulds for manual and semi-automatic processing (blowing machines, presses, spinning machines etc.) which can be single-block or opened in 2,3 or more parts.
URL: http://www.officinesl.com
Related keywords: press moulds, blow moulds, spinning moulds, injection moulds, stem moulds, mould equipment, mould projects, mould drawings, mould for household articles,

1: Hollow glass > Machinery and equipment


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