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1. Interver Special Glass Ltd. Country:  Switzerland
Interver Special Glass Ltd. Interver Special Glass Ltd., based in Switzerland, is an experienced Team active in research, product development & technology as well as marketing & distribution of multifunctional safety glass INTERSAFE and special glasses for fire protection INTERFLAM and INTERFIRE.
URL: http://www.interver.ch
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1: Flot glass > Glass > Fire-resistant glass
2: Flot glass > Glass > Insulating glass
3: Flot glass > Glass > Laminated safety glass
2. C. Stiefelmayer GmbH & Co. KG Country: Germany
Manufacturer of technical glass and creative glass gifts and 3d laser engraving in glass.
URL: http://www.contento.com
Related keywords: tempered glass, 3d laser engraving, float, levels, special glass, flat glass

1: Art Glass > Glass > 3D engraved glass
2: Art Glass > Glass > Gifts
3: Hollow glass > Glass products > Laboratory glass
3. Excellent S.A. Country: Poland
Manufacturer of acid etched glass. Wholesaler of float glass, acid etched glass, patterned glass, coloured glass, heat-resistant glass, mirrors and special glass in sheets.
URL: http://www.excellent.com.pl
Related keywords: float, coloured, low-e, etched, laminated, pattern, reflective, antireflective, sandblasted, mirrors

1: Flot glass > Glass > Etched glass
4. GlassTechnik Ltd. Country: Czech Republic
Processing of glass and mirrors, crystal glass rods and tubes, technical glass, colored glass,designs
URL: http://www.cosma.cz/glasstechnik

1: Flot glass > Glass > Laminated safety glass
2: Flot glass > Glass > Mirrors
3: Flot glass > Glass > Tempered safety glass
4: Hollow glass > Glass products > Other
5. grionveder srl Country: Italy
Production of glass and mirrof of all dimension to thicness 0,6/6,0 mm.
URL: http://www.grionveder.it
Related keywords: cut float, special glass, safety and laminated glass, tempered glass, polish glass and mirror

1: Flot glass > Glass > Mirrors
6. Hecker Glastechnik GmbH & Co. KG Country: Germany
Flat glass processing and trading with tmepered and laminated safety glasses and special heat resistant and coated glasses and glass tubes
URL: http://www.glas.hecker.de
Related keywords: special glass, heat resistant glass, tempered safety glass, laminated safety glass, coated glasses, glass tubes, glass ceramics, gauge glass, filter glass, coloured glass

1: Flot glass > Glass > Antireflective/Non glare
2: Flot glass > Glass > Laminated safety glass
3: Flot glass > Glass > Screen-printed glass
4: Flot glass > Glass > Tempered safety glass
5: Hollow glass > Glass products > Lighting
7. Karlsruher Glastechnisches Werk Country: Germany
Karlsruher Glastechnisches Werk is an manufacture of laboratory glass ware like Dewar flasks, tempering reaction vessels, cold traps,vacuum columns and special glass apparatus
URL: http://www.kgw-isotherm.com

1: Other glass industries
8. Rhodia Electronics & Catalysis Country: France, Metropolitan
We produce and market technological applications and innovations: high performance polishing powders: CEROX? and OPALINE?
URL: http://www.rhodia-ec.com
Related keywords: polishing powder, cerium, mirror, surface, high-tech, special glass

1: Flot glass > Chemicals > Polishing agents and oxides
9. Schott North America, Inc. Country: United States
Schott North America, Inc., a subsidiary of Schott Corporation, is the umbrella for Schott's special glass and advanced materials operations in the USA.
URL: http://www.us.schott.com
Related keywords: optical glass, fiber optics, borosilicate glass, glass-ceramics, anti-reflective glass, pharmaceutical packaging, glass tubing, art glass, laboratory glassware, filter glass

1: Flot glass > Glass > Antireflective/Non glare
2: Optical glass
3: Other glass industries > Glass fibers
10. Shenzhen Sanxin Special Glass Technology Co., Ltd. Country: China
Supplier for safety architectural glass, designer and contractor of glass curtain wall system.
URL: http://www.sanxinglass.com
Related keywords: curtain wall, system supplier, designer, contractor

1: Flot glass > Glass > Bent tempered glass
2: Flot glass > Glass > Insulating glass
11. Stein Heurtey Country: France
Melting furnaces for flat and hollow glass, crystal, special glass, tin bath equipment through BGE, electric furnaces through PENELECTRO, float glass annealing lehrs, hot end packages, optimizing systems.
URL: http://www.stein-heurtey.com
Related keywords: float, hollow glass, crystal glass, melting, annealing, tin bath, hot end, glass furnaces

1: Flot glass > Machinery and Equipment > Float glass production
12. Vidrieras Pérez Campos Country: Spain
We produce and supply glass pack worlwide. Our standard and special glass can be delivered as soon as your company can contact with us and express its needs: olive oil, spirits, wine, preserved food...
URL: http://www.vidrieriasperezcampos.com
Related keywords: bottles, jars, olive oil, spirits, wine, preserved food

1: Hollow glass > Glass products > Bottles
2: Hollow glass > Glass products > Glass for beverage
3: Hollow glass > Glass products > Other
13. Wilhelm Weule GmbH & Co. Goslar Germany Country: Germany
Manufacturing of lenses, mirrors, drum-lenses, lenses for aids to navigation, special glass rotating items, spherical, asperical, eliptical, parabolic, torical, off-xis, condensor-lenses.
URL: http://www.weule-goslar.de

1: Automotive glass > Glass manufacturers
2: Optical glass


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