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1. Campus Crafts, Inc. Country: United States
Manufacture convex and dome safety security mirrors. Used for monitoring shoplifting, traffic flow in warehouses, factories, hospitals, schools, prisons.
URL: http://www.campuscrafts.com

1: Optical glass
2. Jotika (Midlands) Software Ltd Country: United Kingdom
Multi-user software for glass. Sales order processing, glass optimisation, production control using 'real-time' monitoring & barcode tracking. 'EDI' automated order transfer, invoicing & order confirmations.
URL: http://www.jotika.com
Related keywords: software, optimising, pms, gtrak, barcodes, production tracking, sales order processing

1: Flot glass > Software > Integrated database solutions
2: Flot glass > Software > Optimisation software
3. R.O. Country:  Italy
R.O. Software for flat glass industry: optimization cut programs, CAD, Parametric shapes, Printing labels, Company Management, Production Programming and Monitoring
URL: http://www.ricercaoperativa.com/
Related keywords: software optimization glass cut, production glass plane, ottimizzazione del taglio, cad for glass, parametric glass shape, sagome parametriche per il vetro

1: Flot glass > Software
4. Servomex Group Ltd Country: United Kingdom
Manufacturers of gas analysers for measurement of O2 using zirconia or paramagnetic analysis and CO, CO2, NO, SO2 etc using infrared analysis in combustion and process applications.
URL: http://www.servomex.com
Related keywords: gas, analyser, analysis, monitoring, oxygen, combustion, o2, co2, no, so2

1: Flot glass > Accessories and tools > Measurement and inspection
2: Flot glass > Chemicals > Other chemicals
5. Society of Glass and Ceramic Decorators Country: United States
SGCD is the association of companies that decorate glass and ceramicware. SGCD offers annual technical exhibition, seminars and regulatory monitoring.
URL: http://www.sgcd.org
Related keywords: glass, ceramic, decorating, trade show, seminar, regulations, lead, tableware, decals, screen printing

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3: Flot glass > Organisations
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6. VERTECH' Country: France
Industry service
Information technology dedicated to the glass industry. Software for the supervision of production plants. Turn-key solutions worldwide.
URL: http://www.vertech.fr
Related keywords: hollow glass, containers, quality, controls, output,traceability, moulds, monitoring, supervision

1: Hollow glass > Software
7. XPAR Vision B.V. Country: Netherlands
Supply to container glass manufactures of hot end process monitoring/inspection systems.
URL: http://www.xparvision.com
Related keywords: hot end, infrared technology, hollow ware

1: Hollow glass > Machinery and equipment


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