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1. A.T.I.V. Country: Italy
A.T.I.V. (Association of Italian Glass Technologists) is a no profit organisation founded in 1985. The main scope of the Association is update its members and promote the technical and scientific knowledge of glass makers and technicians of connected industries. The main activities are. organazation of international conferences and seminars.
URL: http://www.ativ-online.it
Related keywords: conference, seminars, association, hollow glass, flat glass,

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2. Aachener Chemische Werke GmbH Country: Germany
High performance processing chemicals for flat-, optical- and hollow glass industry such as cutting fluids, coolants, interleavants, polishing agents, washing and cleaning compounds,flocculants and others.
URL: http://www.acw-info.com
Related keywords: cutting fluids,coolants,interleavants,polishing agents,washing & cleaning compounds, flocculants,coatings, others

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3. Cyberglass Robotics Country: France
Cyberglass Robotics is specialised in robotics and machinery for the hollow glass industry. We offer a large range of robots, hot forming and finishing machines.
URL: http://www.cyberglass.fr
Related keywords: glass gathering robot, glass suction robot, glass blowing robot, handling robot, presses, spinning machines, infect machines, shears, crackoff machines, fire polishing machines.

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4. Dezhou Zhenhua Decoration Glass Block Co., Ltd Country: China
Specialize in producing all sizes and colours of glass blocks.
URL: http://www.starglassblock.com

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5. Dezhou Zhenhua Decoration Glass Blocks Co., Ltd Country: China
We specialize in producing hollow glass bolcks.
URL: http://www.starglassblocks.ebigchina.com

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6. Dezhou Zhenhua Decoration Glass Co., Ltd Country: China
We specialize in producing hollow glass block ,Bloco de vidrio,bloque de vidro.
URL: http://starglassblock.com

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7. DiaTech Austria Country: Austria
Dealing with machines and tools for glass processing industry.
URL: http://www.diatech.at
Related keywords: float glass, hollow glass,...

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8. Fermac srl Country: Italy
Manufacturer of full range of screen printing machine for glass containers. All accessories for glass printing line as feeding tables, conveyors, puscher bars, analyzing production computer programs.
URL: http://www.fermac.it
Related keywords: printing , seelk, screen, hollow glass, flat glass, steker, puscher bar, feeding table,machinery, accessories.

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9. Fluorital s.r.l. - Villorba (TV) - Italy Country: Italy
Fluorital is a leader company in manufacturing top quality low temperature paints and screen-inks for decoration of flat and hollow glass, conforming with tableware and parfume industry requirements.
URL: http://www.fluorital.com
Related keywords: paints, varnishes, screen-inks, low-temperature, flat-glass, parfume-containers, tableware, bottles, decoration

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10. Futronic GmbH Country: Germany
Electronic Timing and Synchronous Drive Systems for the hollow and tableware glass industry. Individual control systems for the machine and other industries.
URL: http://www.futronic.de
Related keywords: hollow glass, container glass, timing systems, drive systems, electronic, controls, is machine, development, laboratory, hotend

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11. Fuzhou Xinfuxing Glass Co., ltd Country: China
From China we produce and export: tempered glass, insulated glass, laminated glass, silver mirror with high quality. Our products have got certificate ISO9001.
URL: http://www.fzadvance.com
Related keywords: tempered glass, laminated glass, insulated glass, silver mirror, toughened glass, hardened glass, insulating glass, hollow glass, mirror, flat glass

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12. Gelecek Industrial Control Systems Ltd. Country: Turkey
Industry service
Drvive systems for hollow glass industry. Control systems. Timer systems for press machines, IS machines. Tempering line control systems. Synchronization systems. Annealing lehr control systems.
URL: http://www.gelecek-controls.com
Related keywords: synchronization, drive, hollow glass, timer, servo feeder, tempering line control

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13. Gpm Country:  Belgium
Technical info.
Gpm GPM is mainly specialized in 2 activities: Project management for glass plants (from small modifications in an existing plant ... to green field projects). Sale of used equipment for the glass industry (hollow glass: bottles and jars, tableware glasses)
URL: http://www.gpmglass.com
Related keywords: used equipment, second hand, machinery, is-machine, hot-end, cold-end, furnace, batch, design, consultant

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14. Graphikon Country: Germany
Industry service
Graphikon offers tailor-made image processing solutions with process management analysis for quality control of flat glass and hollow glas.
URL: http://www.graphikon.de

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15. Gulf Glass Mfg. Co., Kuwait Country: Kuwait
Manufaturers of glass containers.
URL: http://www.kuwaitiglass.com
Related keywords: hollow glass, gall manufacturer, glass botles

1: Hollow glass > Glass products > Bottles

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