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1. Absolute Glassworks, Inc. Country: United States
Everything Glass except automotive! Specializing in storefronts, mirrors, showers, glass repair, table tops, insulated glass, pattern glass, sand blasted designs, patterns, X-ray lead eq glass.
URL: http://www.AbsoluteGlassworks.com
Related keywords: mirrors, mirror walls, ig units, glass replacement, pattern glass, shower enclosures

1: Flot glass > Glass > Mirrors
2: Flot glass > Glass > X-ray protection glass
2. Berkshire Glassworks Country: United States
Berkshire Glassworks provides distinctive glass products and design for your home or business
URL: http://www.berkshireglassworks.com
Related keywords: furniture, table tops, mirrors, shower doors, tub enclosures, picture, denglas, awards, trophy, shelving

1: Flot glass > Glass > Bent tempered glass
2: Flot glass > Glass > Tempered safety glass
3. Bohemian Glassworks Country: Czech Republic
Producer of fine-art Bohemian glass, engraved glass, mirrors, stained glass, historic glass, cutted and painted glass, corporate gifts, paperweights, atypical chandelliers and glass restorations
URL: http://www.bohemian-glassworks.com

1: Art Glass > Glass > Antique and coloured glass
2: Art Glass > Glass > Chandeliers
3: Art Glass > Glass > Gifts
4. Bucha Glassworks Country: Ukraine
Our plant produces figured and wired rolled glass.
URL: http://bucha-glassworks.com
Related keywords: glass, wired,figured, patterned, ukraine

1: Flot glass > Glass > Pattern glass
5. Edge of Glass Gallery, Inc. Country: United States
Industry service
Edge of Glass Gallery is located in the artistic community of Fremont in North Seattle.
URL: http://www.edgeofglass.com
Related keywords: blown glass, slumped artwork, sand blast, glassworks, etched glass, hand blown, glassart, art gallery, working studio, glass art

1: Art Glass > Galleries
6. Fantasy In Glass Glassworks Inc Country: Canada
Canada's largest and first officially sanctioned stained glass supplier. We offer over 1500 different types/colours of glass, courses, specialized seminars and custom work
URL: http://www.fantasyinglass.com
Related keywords: stained glass, courses, seminars, fusing, tools, spectrum glass, bullseye glass, kokomo, uroboros, tiffany

1: Art Glass > Glass > Stained glass
7. Fusion Glassworks Inc Country: Canada
We manufacture decorative glass panels including, sandblasted, carved, leaded sealed units. We also custom bevel and bend glass up to 48"
URL: http://www.fusionglass.com
Related keywords: bevel, bent glass, sandblast, carved, decorative panels,

1: Art Glass > Glass > Fused glass
2: Art Glass > Glass > Stained glass
3: Flot glass > Glass > Etched glass
8. Glassworks Country: United States
Glassworks contains a glassblowing, flameworking and architectural glass studios and 2 glass galleries. We offer classes year round and rent studio time.
URL: http://www.louisvilleglassworks.com
Related keywords: art glass, glassblowing, flameworking, architectural glass, classes, studio rental

1: Art Glass > Academic Institutes
2: Art Glass > Glass > Flameworking
9. Glassworks wv Country: United States
Mouth blown, hand made, clear soda lime glass, art glass, tank melt colored glass, made in USA, fused and slumped, cameo glass, 200 person shop.
URL: http://glassworkswv.com
Related keywords: mouth blown, art glass, tank and frit colored glass, cameo glass,

1: Hollow glass > Glass products > Glass for beverage
2: Hollow glass > Glass products > Tableware
10. Hergiswiler Glas AG Country: Switzerland
The oldest Glassworks of Switzerland with Glasi Museum, Exhibition and and a good view to the glassmakers platform.
URL: http://www.glasi.ch
Related keywords: glass-blowers, glasi museum, exhibition phenomenon of glass, direct sales 1st and 2end quality shos,

1: Art Glass > Glass > Gifts
2: Art Glass > Glass > Other
3: Art Glass > Glass > Tableware
11. Glassworks Czechy Country: Poland
Manufacturer of low capacity glass packages.
URL: http://www.huta-czechy.com.pl/indexa.html
Related keywords: glass-works czechy, works czechy, glass-works, glassworks, glass manufacture, glass producer, glass packages, glass container, glass packaging, cosmetic packages, cosmetic container, glass perfume, container perfume, alcohol packages, alcohol container,

1: Hollow glass > Glass products > Bottles
2: Hollow glass > Glass products > Cosmeticts
3: Hollow glass > Glass products > Other
12. I Blew It Glassworks Country: United States
Hand Blown and sculpted Glass Art. Flameworked Borosilicate Glass.
URL: http://www.iblewitglassworks.com
Related keywords: wine, glasses, blown, glass, sculptures, custom, beauty

1: Art Glass > Glass > Fused glass
13. Jack furnace design Country: New Zealand
Technical info.
Design and engineering of glass melting furnaces. Project management of glass plant projects. Sitee supervision and commissioning on glassworks. Furnacee designs. Small mechanical ancilliary equipment,batch chargers, reversal valves and stirrer systems
URL: http://www.glassfurnaceonline.com
Related keywords: glass furnace, furnace design, project management, site supervision.

1: Flot glass > Industry services > Consultants & experts
14. Leonard Glassworks Country: Australia
Work with Achitects and Interior- designer designers to create glass walls, features, signage. To make a glass reality of an abstract concept,to creat breath-taking atmosphere.
URL: http://www.leonardglassworks.com/
Related keywords: slumped, cast, textured, unique, creative, signage, corporate, receptions, features, saftey.

1: Flot glass > Miscellaneous
15. Leonard Glassworks Country: Australia
Producer of specialty glass, slumped, hand moulded, etc.
URL: http://www.leonardglassworks.com
Related keywords: specialty glass, slumped, shower screens, frameless doors, cladding, slashbacks, balustrading,

1: Art Glass > Glass > Fused glass

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