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1. 1st Formula Creation Country: India
Manufacturers of Resin stained glass, mirrors and overlay glass.
URL: http://www.ffcglassstudio.com
Related keywords: resin stained glass, stained glass, decorative mirrors, glass bowls, glass bevels, resin dispensing machine, u.v.glue, self adhesive lead

1: Art Glass > Glass > Stained glass
2. Creative Resins International Country: United Kingdom
Manufacturers of decorative resin products to simulate stained glass, glass bevels, laminated glass. Also suppliers of application machines and finished products.
URL: http://creative-resins.co.uk
Related keywords: unique resin suppliers for decorative glass panels, glass bevels.

1: Art Glass > Equipment for glassworking
2: Art Glass > Glass > Antique and coloured glass
3: Art Glass > Glass > Stained glass
3. North Western Lead Company (Hyde) Ltd. Country: United Kingdom
Manufacturer of Decra Led, self adhesive lead, and Decra Glow, self adhesive colour film, supplier of Decra Bevels and ancillary tools.
URL: http://www.decraled.co.uk
Related keywords: self adhesive lead strip, simulated stained glass, decorative glass, self adhesive colour film, glass bevels.

1: Art Glass > Equipment for glassworking
4. Regalead Country: United Kingdom
Suppliers of glass bevels, self adhesive lead, UV tek adhesives, stained glass art film and related products for glass overlay work.
URL: http://www.regalead.co.uk
Related keywords: bevels, lead, film, overlay, decorative glass, fanlights, software, self adhesive lead, overlay,adhesives

1: Flot glass > Glass > Bevelled glass
5. Wellomer GmbH Country: Germany
WellomerGmbH is a manufacturer of industrial adhesives used in the glass industry. Our products are used for structural bonding in a wide variation of applications.
URL: http://www.wellomer.com
Related keywords: uv adhesive, glass bonding, epoxy adhesive, uv curing, glass bevels, glass furniture, glass laminating, decorative glassware, structural adhesive, glue

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2: Flot glass > Chemicals > Sealants and adhesives


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