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1. Advanced Glassfiber Yarns LLC Country: United States
Manufacture of glass fibres.
URL: http://www.agy.com
Related keywords: conductive roving, s-glass, e-glass yarns, beta yarns, zentron, vetron, ducs, high strength glass

1: Other glass industries > Glass fibers
2. Artique Country: India
We produce etched glass, manufacture fibreglass art, stainedglass overlay and bevel clusters.
URL: http://etchglass.netfirms.com
Related keywords: glass, art glass, etch, etchglass, stained glass, fibre art, grp art, bevels, bevel clusters.

1: Art Glass > Glass > Stained glass
3. Automation Engineering Country: United States
Manufacturer of fiber drawing towers - plastic optical fiber, quartz, soft glass. Designs allow for programmable multiple batches within the same run. Easy to use graphical interface
URL: http://www.aeiboston.com
Related keywords: draw tower, drawing tower, flexible, quartz tower, pof tower, soft glass tower, fiber manufacture, fibre manufacture

1: Other glass industries > Glass fibers
4. Bekintex NV Country: Belgium
Bekintex transforms metal and other high-performance fibres into a broad range of textile products such as heat-resistant separation material.
URL: http://www.bekintex.com
Related keywords: knitted, woven, braided, needle-punched fabrics, separation cloth

1: Hollow glass > Accessories and tools
5. Cam Elyaf Sanayii A.S Country: Turkey
Producing all types of glass fiber reinforcements for the composites industry since 1976. C.S. mats, rovings, chopped strands and glass textiles.
URL: http://www.camelyaf.com.tr
Related keywords: glass fiber, fibre, mat, roving, chopped strands, reinforcement, woven roving

1: Other glass industries > Glass fibers
6. DMG World Media Country: United Kingdom
Business Info.
To help busy professionals enhance the effectiveness of their businesses through a comprehensive portfolio of magazines, directories, market reports, exhibitions and conferences.
URL: http://www.worldglassfile.com
Related keywords: business data, market information, report, forecasts, analysis, flat, container, tableware, speciality, glass fibre,

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2: Flot glass > Industry services > Business & marketing services
3: Flot glass > Resources > News, magazines, reports
4: Hollow glass > Resources, publications, books
7. DSF Refractories & Minerals Ltd Country: United Kingdom
Industry service
An independent producer of high alumina & special refractories for use in float glass containers, fibre glass, TV glass and other specialist glass manufacturers.
URL: http://ww.dsf.co.uk
Related keywords: refractories, melter, regenerators, forehearth, mullite, spinel, flux, high alumina, rider arch, tin bath,

1: Flot glass > Miscellaneous
2: Hollow glass > Miscellaneous
3: Other glass industries
8. Enterprise Q Ltd Country: United Kingdom
We stock, supply and fabricate a range of quartz glass products to the semiconductor, fibre optic, lamp, UV, casting, ceramic, analytical and scientific industries
URL: http://www.enterprise-q.co.uk
Related keywords: quartz glass, fused silica, tubes, plate, rod, drawing parts, capillary

1: Hollow glass > Glass products > Laboratory glass
2: Hollow glass > Glass products > Lighting
3: Optical glass
9. Glafo - the Swedish Glass Research Institute Country: Sweden
Glafo, the Glass Research Institute is working with glass research, development, education and technical support, mostly for art-, container and fibre glass manufacturers.
URL: http://www.glafo.se
Related keywords: research, development, quality, glass analysis, trouble shooting, training, education, leadfree glass, ngf, scandinavian society of glass technology, refractories, colours

1: Art Glass > Organisations
10. Woltz GmbH Country: Germany
WOLTZ GmbH is your capable developing, engineering and equipment supplying partner for all kind of glass/basalt fiber technologies and processes.
URL: http://www.woltz.de
Related keywords: glasswool-, basaltwool-, microfibres-, contfilament, staplefibres, glasspellets-productionslines, fibrebushings, pt-constructions, glasswoolspinners.

1: Other glass industries
11. Harmanci Country: Turkey
Importers and exporters of fabrics wowen glass fibres
URL: http://www.venatex.com

1: Other glass industries > Glass fibers
12. Heathway Limited Country: United Kingdom
Manufacturers of glass working lathes, cutting, grinding and lapping machines. Glass working tools and supplies. Manufacturers of equipment for the production of glass optical fibres.
URL: http://www.heathway.co.uk

1: Other glass industries
13. Hilgenberg GmbH Country: Germany
Leading producer of special configured glass capillaries & fibres and Tubes and related glass parts. Production of lab-glassware like Pasteur pipettes and Test tubes, NMR tubes.
URL: http://www.hilgenberg-gmbh.de
Related keywords: glass capillaires, tubes, rods, fibers cut, optical, borosilicate, soda lime, lead fine, tubes

1: Hollow glass > Glass products > Laboratory glass
14. Intermo ltd. sti. Country: Turkey
Insulation materials. Glasswool, rockwool,flex, extruded polystyrene, endruded polystyrene, waterproofing materials, fibre glass mesh, fibre glass tapes, geotextiles, .....
URL: http://www.intermo.net
Related keywords: glasswool, insulation, rockwool, waterproofing materials, fiber glass mesh, izolasyon, extruded polystyrene, endruded polystyrene

1: Other glass industries > Glass fibers
15. Tegs Jsc Country: Russia
Manufactures: precise glass and glass-metallic tubes, rods, mono- and polycapillaries; complex micro- and nanostructures with arbitrary cross section geometry; drawing towers, sintering machines, other equipment.
URL: http://www.tegs.ru
Related keywords: glass, photonic, tube, rod, filter, capillary, x-ray, drawing, fibre, sintering

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