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1. Albat + Wirsam Glass Software Country: Germany
Worldwide leading Software for glass and windows, E-Commerce solutions
URL: http://www.a-w.de
Related keywords: glass, software, production, windows, erp, scm, eai, america, float

1: Automotive glass > Software
2: Flot glass > Software
3: Hollow glass > Software
ARDIS develops software to optimize rectangular parts & to produce cutting layouts. 60 modules are available to configure the right solution for cutting and production.
URL: http://www.ardis.be
Related keywords: easy & cutting optimizer, parametric 2-d cutting patterns, over/underproduction, flexible dimensions, parts & stock priority, barcode & label printing, machine linking

1: Automotive glass > Software
2: Flot glass > Software > Optimisation software
3: Hollow glass > Software
3. Argent Enterprises Inc Country: United States
Complete service company to the glass industry. Agents for Zippe GmbH,Parkinson Spencer & Motim Refractories, Antonini Lehrs, Falorni Furnaces and Cyber Robotics Field services available.
URL: http://www.aeincglass.com
Related keywords: batch house,batch chargers, lehrs,refractories,furnaces, robots, mini furnaces,

1: Art Glass > Equipment for glassworking
2: Hollow glass > Industry services
4. AUPOS Computer & Software GmbH Country: Germany
Software for glass processing companies.
URL: http://www.aupos.com
Related keywords: erp,pps, crm, bde, mde, pze, cad, b2b, internet, software

1: Flot glass > Software
5. Bansal Enterprises Country: India
Glass lighting manufacturer.
URL: http://www.glass-lighting.com
Related keywords: glass lighting, indian lamps, glass industry, india services manufacturer, new delhi

1: Hollow glass > Glass products > Lighting
6. Casselberry Enterprise Inc. Country: United States
We represent various companies in the Western Hemisphere that provide inspection machinery and process control equipment for the glass industry.
URL: http://www.casselberryinc.com
Related keywords: furnace, forehearths, hot end spray units, cold end sprays, laboratory equipment, on-line inspection, servo stackers, glass leveling, mold coatings, i.s. spare parts

1: Hollow glass > Machinery and equipment
7. Changsha Jinxin Superabrasives Co,Ltd Country: China
Changsha JinXin Superabrasives Co,Ltd is a professional manufacturing enterprise for synthetic diamond powder & micropowder.
URL: http://www.csjinxin.com
Related keywords: synthetic, diamond powder,

1: Other glass industries > Glass fibers
8. China Daqing Lutong Glass Beads Co.,Ltd. Country: China
China Daqing Lutong glass beads Co.,Ltd. Is a special enterprise which manufactures glass beads used in road making and glass beads for polishing processes.
URL: http://www.dqllt.com

1: Hollow glass > Chemicals
9. Contech Software Limited Country: India
Industry service
A SEI CMM Level 3 company is IT Solutions provider having its offices in India, UK, Italy and US.
URL: http://www.contechsoftware.com
Related keywords: glasstech, erp, software, services, it, software development,

1: Automotive glass > Software
2: Flot glass > Software
3: Hollow glass > Software
10. Creative International Enterprises Ltd Country: China
manufacturer of tiffany lamp, stain glass decoration, frame and mirror.
URL: http://www.creativeintlcn.com
Related keywords: tiffany lamp, stain glass, bronze lamp, decoration , frame & mirror

1: Art Glass > Glass > Tiffany glass
11. Elektro Benes Country: Czech Republic
Our enterprise is located in glass-industry region of Novy Bor, northern Bohemia. We offer turn-key plants producing refined glass articles.
URL: http://www.volny.cz/elektro-benes
Related keywords: turn-key batch plant, refined glass, glass works

1: Art Glass > Miscellaneous
12. Enterprise Q Ltd Country: United Kingdom
We stock, supply and fabricate a range of quartz glass products to the semiconductor, fibre optic, lamp, UV, casting, ceramic, analytical and scientific industries
URL: http://www.enterprise-q.co.uk
Related keywords: quartz glass, fused silica, tubes, plate, rod, drawing parts, capillary

1: Hollow glass > Glass products > Laboratory glass
2: Hollow glass > Glass products > Lighting
3: Optical glass
13. Fsue Orpe Country: Russia
"Technologiya" is a leading company in aircraft idustry. The enterprise is engaged in research, development and production of materials and articles from polymeric composite materials, optical and structural glass, and technical ceramics.
URL: http://www.technologiya.ru
Related keywords: windshields, transparences of aircraft and railway vehicles, lighfilters, heat-resistant glassware, electron-tube glass items, high-strength sight glass, searchlight reflectors

1: Automotive glass > Glass manufacturers
2: Flot glass > Glass > Bent glass
3: Optical glass
14. Glassfancy Country: Thailand
Etched mirror for your home.
URL: http://www.tarad.com/glassfancy

1: Flot glass > Glass > Mirrors
15. Glassic Pte Ltd Country: Singapore
Glassic Pte Ltd (a subsidiary of Suzhou Juxing Glass Industries Co., Ltd) is a Sales Centre in Singapore. We welcome all enquiries related to glass in overseas market. Our factory is situated in China, Suzhou. It is a wholly owned Singapore enterprises established in 1993
URL: http://www.jxglass.com
Related keywords: high-performance, coated glass, tempered glass, insulating glass, laminated glass, bending glass, reflective glass and artistic glass.

1: Flot glass > Glass > Bent tempered glass
2: Flot glass > Glass > Laminated safety glass
3: Flot glass > Glass > Tempered safety glass

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