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1. Ajman CNC Factories Equipment Trading Country: United Arab Emirates
CNC and servo system up-gradation recondition & retrofitting with new servo motors drives or new CNC controller. Glass machine CNC system troubleshooting.
URL: http://www.cnc-machinery-services-spares.com/
Related keywords: cnc, spare used, repair automation, dubai middle east, arab upgrade

1: Automotive glass > Machinery and Equipment
2: Flot glass > Industry services > Installation
2. artglassinfo.com Country: United States
Technical info.
E-zine quarterly periodical, with monthly updates, downloadable to your hard drive, printer or CD-writer. Covers all aspects of the art glass industry, internationally, in terms of information and inspiration.
URL: http://www.artglassinfo.com

1: Art Glass > Resources > News, magazines, reports
3. CNC Design Pty Ltd Country: Australia
Automation System for Glass Printing and Cutting Machine.
URL: http://www.cncdesign.com.au
Related keywords: cnc, servomotor, servodrive, automation control, printing, cutting

1: Flot glass > Machinery and Equipment > CNC Workcentres
4. Colombo Filippetti S.p.A Country: Italy
Cams & Cam Mechanisms.
URL: http://www.cofil.it
Related keywords: indexing drive, oscillator, rotary table, manipulator, tool changer

1: Hollow glass > Accessories and tools
5. Futronic GmbH Country: Germany
Electronic Timing and Synchronous Drive Systems for the hollow and tableware glass industry. Individual control systems for the machine and other industries.
URL: http://www.futronic.de
Related keywords: hollow glass, container glass, timing systems, drive systems, electronic, controls, is machine, development, laboratory, hotend

1: Hollow glass > Accessories and tools
2: Hollow glass > Machinery and equipment
6. Gelecek Industrial Control Systems Ltd. Country: Turkey
Industry service
Drvive systems for hollow glass industry. Control systems. Timer systems for press machines, IS machines. Tempering line control systems. Synchronization systems. Annealing lehr control systems.
URL: http://www.gelecek-controls.com
Related keywords: synchronization, drive, hollow glass, timer, servo feeder, tempering line control

1: Hollow glass > Machinery and equipment
2: Hollow glass > Software
7. Global Transportation, Inc. Country: United States
Industry service
Haulers of glass, mirror and building products in the southeast and southern US states.
URL: http://www.glasshaulers.com
Related keywords: glass hauler, glass, flatbed, specialized transportation, transportation, experienced drivers,

1: Flot glass > Industry services > Shipping & transportation service
8. GoTo sa. Country: Belgium
Main activity is remanufactoring rotative (Roirant) bottle forming machines. We continue production of Glaseco, annealing and decorating lehrs. We started joint venture with Russian workshop.
URL: http://www.goto.be
Related keywords: hollow, bottle, forming, machine, glass, annealing, decorating, lehr, electronic, drive

1: Hollow glass > Machinery and equipment
2: Hollow glass > Miscellaneous
9. Manufacturing Environmental Associates Country: United States
Industry service
Address environmental problems through solutions driven by knowledge of the process. Specialize in air permits and increasing production.
URL: http://www.mea.to
Related keywords: environmental, process engineering, remediation, training, increasing production

1: Flot glass > Industry services > Consultants & experts
2: Hollow glass > Industry services
10. Maul Technology Country: United States
Manufacturers of I.S. Glass forming machines, conveyors and feeders. Spare parts and mechanisms. Computer controlled Electronic Timing, Drives and Push Out Systems.
URL: http://www.maultechnology.com
Related keywords: i.s. machines,conveyors,feeders,variables,delivery,spares,timing systems, drive systems,pushers

1: Hollow glass > Accessories and tools
2: Hollow glass > Industry services
3: Hollow glass > Machinery and equipment
11. Osai S.p.A. Country: Italy
An Italian pioneer in numerical control. In 1957 started developing and manufacturing CNC systems for metal-working and gradually expanded into a variety of diversified market segments with increasing emphasis on applications requiring customized controls and dedicated functions.
URL: http://www.osai.it
Related keywords: numerical control, general motion control, drives, servo-motors, pre-sale and after-sale service worldwide, software

1: Flot glass > Machinery and Equipment > CNC Workcentres
2: Flot glass > Machinery and Equipment > Machinery spare parts
3: Flot glass > Software > Optimisation software
12. Sheppee International Ltd Country: United Kingdom
Industry service
The worlds leading supplier of container glass ware handling equipment and solutions.
URL: http://www.sheppee.com
Related keywords: lehr loader, ware transfer, transfer, cross conveyor, is parts, stacker, pushbar, handling, drive system, pusher

1: Hollow glass > Machinery and equipment
13. Siemens AG Country: Germany
Industry service
Single source electrical provider to the Glass Industry - Product to complete solution: automation, drives, field instrumentation, process optimisation, MES, ERP-Integration, power distribution.
URL: http://www.siemens.com/glassteam
Related keywords: glass focus, turnkey projects, one source, optimisation, totally integrated automation, global player

1: Automotive glass > Accessories and Tools
2: Flot glass > Industry services > Other services
3: Hollow glass > Industry services
14. University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute Country: United States
Research on driver visibility and comfort as related to glazing.
URL: http://www.umich.edu/~industry
Related keywords: research, glazing, visibility, vision, driver, performance, ir, comfort, huds

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