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1. Amberger Kaolinwerke Eduard Kick GmbH & Co. KG Country: Germany
Rohstoffe für die Glasindustrie; rawmaterial for the glassindustrie Eisenarme Kalifeldspäte, hochreine Glassande
URL: http://www.akw-kick.com
Related keywords: feldspat, feldspar, kali-feldspat, kali-feldspar, glassand, eisenarm, quartzsand, quarzsand, rohstoffe, rawmaterial

1: Flot glass > Miscellaneous > Raw materials
2. Art Glass Association of Southern California Country: United States
The Art Glass Association of Southern California founded in 1981 by a group of local San Diego County glass artists interested in promoting glass art.
URL: http://www.agasc.org
Related keywords: art glass, glass association, southern california glass art, glass crafts

1: Art Glass > Organisations
3. Balsfulland Maschinenfabrik GmbH Country: Germany
Producer of screen printing machines for flat, round and conical articles / hollow bodies
URL: http://www.balsfulland.com
Related keywords: flat, round and conical articles/hollow bodies, glasses, ashtrays, etc.

1: Flot glass > Machinery and Equipment > Screen-priting machines
4. Chesapeake Industrial Solutions Co., Inc. Country: United States
Suppliers of kevlar belting, "cut parts", and covered rolls for the glass industry.
URL: http://www.chisco-usa.com
Related keywords: belt, kevlar, roller, covering, die-cut, diecut, belting, motors, motor, gear

1: Hollow glass > Machinery and equipment
5. Deccofelt Corporation Country: United States
Pressure sensitive and heat activated adhesive coating. Die-cutting, laminating and slitting any flexible material. Glass separator pads, cork to cling foam, felt, foam, weather stripping and more.
URL: http://www.deccofelt.com
Related keywords: adhesive coating, laminating, separator pads, die-cutting, cork, cling-foam, foam, felt, weather stripping,

1: Flot glass > Accessories and tools > Handling and storage
6. Ernst Diegel GmbH Country: Germany
Development and manufacture of decorative, functional and long-life water-based glass coatings for domestic glassware, container glass,lighting glass,cosmetic bottles,incandescent lights, halogen lights
URL: http://www.diegel.de
Related keywords: water-based, highly resistant decorative coatings for glass, screen printing inks

1: Hollow glass > Chemicals
7. Excel Glasses Limited Country: India
Manufacturers of Flint Glass Bottles, Glass Containers in India
URL: http://www.excelglasses.com
Related keywords: glass bottle, containers, package, food, liquor, pharmacuetical, bewerages, soda ash, silica sand, dolomite, feldspar, i.s.machine,sko, furnace oil, diesel

1: Hollow glass > Chemicals
2: Hollow glass > Glass products > Bottles
8. F. Barkow Inc. Country: United States
Manufacturer of custom truck bodies for flat and auto glass. We have been in business and standing behind our products since 1879.
URL: http://barkow.com
Related keywords: glazing bodies, glass racks, flat glass, stake-loc, barpad, barkleat,windshield racks, custom racks, stainless steel, aluminum

1: Flot glass > Accessories and tools > Handling and storage
9. Helmut Lingemann GmbH & Co. Country: Germany
Manufacture of aluminium and stainless steel spacer, various welded and extruded muntin bar systems. Herstellung von Aluminiumabstandhaltern und Edelstahlabstandhaltern, geschweissten und extrudierten Sprossensystemen
URL: http://www.helima.de
Related keywords: spacer, muntin bar,georgian bar, duplex, abstandhalter, sprossen

1: Flot glass > @@@ Doors and Windows > Blind unit systems
2: Flot glass > Accessories and tools > Spacer bars for insulating glass
10. JSJ Jodeit GmbH Country: Germany
Design, delivery, erection, commissioning of melting furnaces, all-electric and oxy-fuel, for glass, especially variety of technical glass and other silicate materials.
URL: http://www.jsj.de
Related keywords: melting furnaces, all-electric, oxy-fuel, recuperator, forehearths, borosilicate glass, technical glass, consulting, engineering, model studies

1: Art Glass > Equipment for glassworking > Kilns for fusing glass
2: Hollow glass > Machinery and equipment
3: Other glass industries
11. Kelley Industries, Inc. Country: United States
Precision machine shop specializing in the high speed machining and finishing of complex 3D surfaces. Best known for its mold production for the glass industry.
URL: http://www.kelley-ind.com
Related keywords: mold making,glass molds,machining,milling,turning,welding,polishing,3d surface machining,tool and die, machine shop

1: Hollow glass > Machinery and equipment
12. Glassmolds Country: Germany
Molds for glass industry (press molds, blow molds, injection molds, etc., injection and diecasting molds model making and single-piece production engineering and design.
URL: http://www.koeckert.de
Related keywords: glassmolds, glassmoulds, model making, engineering, design, modelling, molds, moulds, koeckert

1: Hollow glass > Accessories and tools
2: Hollow glass > Machinery and equipment
13. Le-Gardien (S) Pte Ltd Country: Singapore
Providers of glass for all your Architectural, decorative & designing needs.
URL: http://www.legardien.com
Related keywords: float glass, reflective glass, mirrors, textured glass, curved glass, shower system, scanner glass, laminated glass, insulated glass, low-e glass

1: Flot glass > @@@ Doors and Windows > Aluminium windows
2: Flot glass > Glass > Laminated safety glass
3: Flot glass > Glass > Pattern glass
4: Flot glass > Glass > Solar control glass
14. Le-Gardien Pte Ltd Country: Singapore
Wholesalers and contractors of various glass types.
URL: http://www.legardien.com
Related keywords: float glass, tempered glass, reflective float/tempered/heat-strengthened glass, curved glass, automotive glass, aquarium glass, acid etched glass, heating pads,windows louvres,glass accessories and fittings.

1: Automotive glass > Glass manufacturers
2: Flot glass > Glass > Float glass
15. Mega Marbles Country: United States
Mega Marbles offers more than 80 styles of accent marbles & gems and 60 styles of toy marbles in a variety of colors, sizes, shapes, textures and finishes.
URL: http://www.megamarbles.com
Related keywords: marbles, gems, glass shapes, globs, paperweights, moody buddies, hearts, stars

1: Art Glass > Glass > Stained glass

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