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1. Agr Europe GmbH Country: Germany
Industry service
For over 65 years Agr International, Inc. is the market leader providing quality testing equipment to the glass and packaging industry.
URL: http://www.agrintl.de
Related keywords: quality testing testing equipment, glass containers, inspection devices,

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2. Al shark glass Country: Syria
We produce kitchenware, containers and pharmaceutical bottles and giftware.
URL: http://www.al-sharkglass.com
Related keywords: temperedglass, amberglass, coolerdglass

1: Hollow glass > Glass products > Glass for beverage
3. Avirunion, a. s., an affiliate of Owens-Illinois Country: Czech Republic
Development and production of glass containers (flint, green, HT green and amber colours).
URL: http://www.avirunion.cz
Related keywords: bottle, jar, glass container, packaging, food, beer, spirit, wine

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2: Hollow glass > Glass products > Glass for beverage
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4. Ba Vidro Country: Portugal
Glass containers manufacturers.
URL: http://www.bavidros.com
Related keywords: jars, bottles for food and beverage industry

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2: Hollow glass > Glass products > Other
5. Beijing Glass Instrument Factory Country: China
We are borosilicate manufacturer in China. Main products are lab wares, tubes and rods, glass chemical plant and pipe, coffee pots, lighting bulbs for HID, pharmaceutical glass containers(ampoule & vials),press wares
URL: http://bomex.com
Related keywords: borosilicate, labratory glass ware, tubes, carafe, lighting bulbs,

1: Hollow glass > Glass products > Laboratory glass
2: Hollow glass > Glass products > Lighting
6. Beijing Wheaton Glass Co., Ltd. Country: China
Glass Containers manufacture mianly for cosmetics, cream,lotion, perfume, nail polish and food, fruit, beverage.
URL: http://bjwheaton.com
Related keywords: supply glass bottles and jars for cosmetics, fruit, food and beverage

1: Hollow glass > Glass products > Cosmeticts
7. Bowman, E. W. Inc. Country:  United States
Bowman, E. W. Inc. E. W. Bowman, Inc. are specialists in the manufacture of annealing and decorating lehrs for holloware, such as containers, tableware, crystal, tubing, cosmetic and pharmaceutical ware, lighting and television glass.
URL: http://www.ewbowman.com
Related keywords: lehrs, annealing lehrs, decorating lehrs, lehr, combustion systems, technical support

1: Art Glass > Equipment for glassworking
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8. Car-met Spa Country: Italy
Established in 1965 and located in the north-eastern of italy in a plant having a covered surface of 12.000 sq. mt. The company produces:annealing & decorating lehrs, scrapers, stackers, mould-preheating ovens and cross conveyors conveyors.
URL: http://www.carmetitalia.com

1: Hollow glass > Machinery and equipment
9. Cotton Brush Manufacturing Co Country: Mexico
Manufacturer and distributor of mold swabs used to lubricate molds to make Glass Containers in the Glass Industry . Manufactura y distribución de brochas de lubricación de moldes que son usados en la Industria del Vidrio para fabricación de Envases de Vidrio.
URL: http://www.cottonbrushmfg.com
Related keywords: brush, brushes, mop, cotton, brooms, rag, sponge, twisted in wire, town cloth, cotton yarn

1: Hollow glass > Accessories and tools
10. DSF Refractories & Minerals Ltd Country: United Kingdom
Industry service
An independent producer of high alumina & special refractories for use in float glass containers, fibre glass, TV glass and other specialist glass manufacturers.
URL: http://ww.dsf.co.uk
Related keywords: refractories, melter, regenerators, forehearth, mullite, spinel, flux, high alumina, rider arch, tin bath,

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3: Other glass industries
11. Excel Glasses Limited Country: India
Manufacturers of Flint Glass Bottles, Glass Containers in India
URL: http://www.excelglasses.com
Related keywords: glass bottle, containers, package, food, liquor, pharmacuetical, bewerages, soda ash, silica sand, dolomite, feldspar, i.s.machine,sko, furnace oil, diesel

1: Hollow glass > Chemicals
2: Hollow glass > Glass products > Bottles
12. Fermac srl Country: Italy
Manufacturer of full range of screen printing machine for glass containers. All accessories for glass printing line as feeding tables, conveyors, puscher bars, analyzing production computer programs.
URL: http://www.fermac.it
Related keywords: printing , seelk, screen, hollow glass, flat glass, steker, puscher bar, feeding table,machinery, accessories.

1: Art Glass > Equipment for glassworking
2: Flot glass > Machinery and Equipment > Screen-priting machines
3: Hollow glass > Machinery and equipment
13. Ferro corporation Country: United Kingdom
Industry service
World leading supplier of a complete package of innovative decoration colors and services for all market segments, including automotive, flat, containers and tableware glass.
URL: http://ferro.com
Related keywords: decoration, glass enamels, organic colors, forehearth-color, screen-printing services, laser decoration, automotive silver-paste, automotive colors, flat glass colors, container glass colors

1: Flot glass > Chemicals > Inks and paints
14. Fluorital s.r.l. - Villorba (TV) - Italy Country: Italy
Fluorital is a leader company in manufacturing top quality low temperature paints and screen-inks for decoration of flat and hollow glass, conforming with tableware and parfume industry requirements.
URL: http://www.fluorital.com
Related keywords: paints, varnishes, screen-inks, low-temperature, flat-glass, parfume-containers, tableware, bottles, decoration

1: Hollow glass > Chemicals
15. Ghani Glass Country: Pakistan
Manufacturing Glass Bottles / jars, vials for pharma, food & beverage companies. Running 2 major glass plants in Pakistan for Amber and clear glass containers & flat glass
URL: http://www.ghanigroup.com
Related keywords: glass contaniers, flat glass, food beverage glass, bottles, sheet glass,pharma bottles

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