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1. Elettromeccanica Bovone s.r.l. Country:  Italy
Elettromeccanica Bovone s.r.l. manufacturer of mirror silvering lines, laminated glass lines, curtain coating lines, prismatic mirrors lines, bevelling machines, edging machines, double edging machines, washing machines, handling equipment
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Related keywords: mirrors, laminated, bevel, edge, handling, prismatic, curtain coating, silvering,

1: Flot glass > Machinery and Equipment > Bevelling machines
2: Flot glass > Machinery and Equipment > Laminated glass production
3: Flot glass > Machinery and Equipment > Mirrors production
2. A.G.Engineering S.r.l. Country: Italy
Machines for architectural, appliances automotive glass processing, screen printing, curing (I.R. and U.V.), handling equipment, roller coating machine
URL: http://www.agengineering.it
Related keywords: screen printing, handling, dryer, complete line

1: Automotive glass > Machinery and Equipment
2: Flot glass > Machinery and Equipment > Handling and lifting
3: Flot glass > Machinery and Equipment > Screen-priting machines
3. Aachener Chemische Werke GmbH Country: Germany
High performance processing chemicals for flat-, optical- and hollow glass industry such as cutting fluids, coolants, interleavants, polishing agents, washing and cleaning compounds,flocculants and others.
URL: http://www.acw-info.com
Related keywords: cutting fluids,coolants,interleavants,polishing agents,washing & cleaning compounds, flocculants,coatings, others

1: Automotive glass > Chemicals
2: Flot glass > Chemicals > Other chemicals
3: Hollow glass > Chemicals
4: Optical glass
4. Above Glass Corp. Country: United States
Exclusive representatives and distributors of products for the glass industry in USA, Central and South America.
URL: http://www.aboveglass.com
Related keywords: water base, glass frosting, powder, etching powder, glass paints, glass restoration, aluminum restorarion, glass protective, liquid coating

1: Automotive glass > Chemicals
2: Hollow glass > Chemicals
5. Academy Precision Materials Country: United States
Manufacturer of precious and base metal sputtering targets for coating applications.
URL: http://www.apmtargets.com
Related keywords: sputtering targets, silver, gold, base metals

1: Automotive glass > Miscellaneous
2: Flot glass > Miscellaneous > Raw materials
6. Accent Disttributing, Inc. Country: United States
Exclusive distributor or 3M window film products to authorized dealers throughout thte SoutEastern United States.
URL: http://www.accentdistributing.com
Related keywords: window film,security film,glass coatings,solar energy control,glass protection,solar control, glass,sun control,security glass,glass film

1: Flot glass > Accessories and tools > Window films
7. ADS Window Films Ltd. Country: United Kingdom
Solar control window film applied to the interior of your windows is a transparent "solar shield" that can reject up to 80% of the sun's heat. In summer your home is cooler and more comfortable, so you can save on energy bills. In winter, some window films trap room heat for year -round comfort. Solar control window films are available with a scratch resistant coating and in a variety of elegant tints like bronze and gray, and in neutral tones that appear virtually invisible on your windows.
URL: http://www.ads-conservatories.co.uk
Related keywords: bomb blast, safety and security, window tinting, windows tint, glare reduction, heat, glass, fading, environmental savings, blinds, ultraviolet protection,

1: Flot glass > Accessories and tools > Window films
8. Aerosollabs Country: India
Maunfacturer of silvering chemicals, silver nitrate. Silvering solution conc copper coating solution, mirrorbacking, for manual and converyor coating system,R&D centre for aerosolplating.
URL: http://www.aerosollabs.com
Related keywords: silvering solution, coppering solution, mirrorback paint, silvernitrate,consultancy on mirror industry

1: Flot glass > Chemicals > Other chemicals
9. AAG - Al Abbar Architectural Glass Country: United Arab Emirates
UAE glass processor , specialising in high rise curtain-wall buildings , point-fix systems , structural assemblies , balustrades , doors etc....
URL: http://www.alabbargroup.com
Related keywords: heat strengthening,tempering, lamination,insulated glass units, curved & tempered,silkscreening, opaci-coating,point fix systems, heat soak testing

1: Flot glass > Glass > Bent tempered glass
2: Flot glass > Glass > Insulating glass
3: Flot glass > Glass > Laminated safety glass
10. Alcatel Vacuum Technology Country: France
Vacuum products for the glass industry.
URL: http://www.adixen.com
Related keywords: pvd, coating, low e, reflective, turbomolecular, vacuum, pumps

1: Automotive glass > Machinery and Equipment
11. American Glass Coatings Country: United States
IWFA accredited for solar, saftey and security control applications and technicl knowledge.
URL: http://www.glasscoatings.com
Related keywords: solar, heat, safety, security, laminated, tempered, reflective, tinted, window film,

1: Flot glass > Glass > Laminated safety glass
2: Flot glass > Glass > Solar control glass
3: Flot glass > Glass > Tempered safety glass
12. American Glass Products Country: Colombia
AGP is a world wide producer of laminated armoured glass, mainly automotive but architectural also, with plants in Colombia, Brazil, Perú and offices around the world.
URL: http://www.agpglass.com

1: Automotive glass > Glass manufacturers
2: Automotive glass > Miscellaneous
13. American Glass Research Country: United States
Industry service
Glass Industry Support through contract research of the day to day problems in manufacturing glassware.
URL: http://agrintl.com/research

1: Hollow glass > Glass products > Bottles
14. American Glass Research Country: United States
Industry service
Preeminent provider of consulting and testing services to the glass industry, including breakage analysis, computer design, strength testing, product litigation, glass technology problems, and pharmaceuticals.
URL: http://www.agrintl.com/research
Related keywords: bottles, container design, breakage analysis, testing, coatings, annealing, dimensions, labels, contaminants, pharmaceutical

1: Hollow glass > Industry services
15. Applied Films Country: Germany
Machinery for thin film coatings on architectural glazing and photovoltaic applications.
URL: http://www.appliedfilms.com/
Related keywords: coating systems, architectural glazing, photovoltaics, low-e glass, solar control glass, sputtering

1: Automotive glass > Machinery and Equipment
2: Flot glass > Machinery and Equipment > Sputtering machines, coating machines

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