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1. BVD Pece spol. s r.o. Country: Czech Republic
Production of kiln for glass technologies - annealing, casting, fusing etc.
URL: http://www.bvd.cz
Related keywords: glass, kiln, fusing, annealing, casting

1: Art Glass > Equipment for glassworking > Kilns for fusing glass
2. Flame Run Studio and Gallery Country: United States
Contemporary art glass, classes in blowing and casting. A partnership of artists focusing on glass art.
URL: http://www.flamerun.com
Related keywords: glass art, cast glass, contemporary glass

1: Art Glass > Galleries
3. Dagmar and Jan Zenka's Virtual Gallery Country: Czech Republic
Virtual selling gallery of mold-melted, fused and stained glass from our production.
URL: http://zenka.net/index-en.html
Related keywords: virtual, gallery, selling, mold-melted glass, stained glass, fused glass, kiln casting, czech, hot glass, vitrails

1: Art Glass > Glass > Fused glass
2: Art Glass > Glass > Stained glass
4. Dameron Alloy Foundries, Inc. Country: United States
Dameron produces a wide variety of investment cast blank and mould components in stainless steel, nickel, cobalt, aluminum and bronze alloys including machining.
URL: http://www.dameron.net
Related keywords: castings, moulds, nickel, cobalt, plungers, blanks, baffles, guide plates, blow heads.

1: Hollow glass > Machinery and equipment
5. Enterprise Q Ltd Country: United Kingdom
We stock, supply and fabricate a range of quartz glass products to the semiconductor, fibre optic, lamp, UV, casting, ceramic, analytical and scientific industries
URL: http://www.enterprise-q.co.uk
Related keywords: quartz glass, fused silica, tubes, plate, rod, drawing parts, capillary

1: Hollow glass > Glass products > Laboratory glass
2: Hollow glass > Glass products > Lighting
3: Optical glass
6. Evenheat Kiln, Inc. Country: United States
Over 50 yrs of experience in providing top of the line kiln products and superior customer service to domestic and global markets.
URL: http://www.evenheat-kiln.com
Related keywords: kiln, fusing, glass, rampmaster, slumping, painting, jewelery, bead, hot glass, casting

1: Art Glass > Equipment for glassworking
2: Art Glass > Miscellaneous
7. Fonderie Bartalesi S.r.l Country: Italy
Fonderie Bartalesi is a foundry specialized on the bronze sand castings of moulds, neck rings, bottom plates, baffles and s.o.. The company is able to supply castings on drawings of every type and dimensions.
URL: http://www.fonderiebartalesi.com
Related keywords: bronze castings,bronze alloys, moulds, bottom plates, neck rings, baffles,blow moulds,special alloys for glass industry, hallow glass industry

1: Hollow glass > Machinery and equipment
2: Hollow glass > Miscellaneous
8. Fusion Glass Designs Ltd Country: United Kingdom
As a International architectural decorative glass company we have worked on a diverse range of projects and commissions. Offering a complete design and manufacturing service.
URL: http://www.fusionglass.co.uk
Related keywords: artglass, fusing, casting, kilnforming, sandblasting, etching laminating, surface decoration, design

1: Art Glass > Glass > Engraved glass
2: Art Glass > Glass > Fused glass
9. Füller Glastechnologie Vertriebs-GmbH Country: Germany
Production systems and production engineering for the hot-end production of optical, technical and crystal glasses, focussing on high-quality and high-flexibility; complete production lines, special applications.
URL: http://www.f-gt.de
Related keywords: production systems for: table ware, kitchen ware, building bricks, lenses, reflectors, production systems: feeder, feeder-channel colouring, blowing, pressing, spinning, injecting, casting, combi-systems, handling, fire-polishing, fire-cut, glazing, w

1: Automotive glass > Machinery and Equipment
2: Hollow glass > Machinery and equipment
10. Gaffer Coloured Glass Ltd Country: New Zealand
Manufacturers of coloured glass for glass blowers and sculptors.
URL: http://www.gafferglass.com
Related keywords: coloured glass rods, chip and powder coe 96, lead crystal billets for casting

1: Art Glass > Glass > Antique and coloured glass
11. GLS Spezial- & Farbglashandel GmbH Country: Germany
Supplier for stained glass and tools;workshops + seminars for fusing, sandblasting, uv-glueing, resin casting and more
URL: http://www.glsgmbh.de

1: Art Glass > Equipment for glassworking
2: Flot glass > Glass > Colored glass
3: Flot glass > Trade fairs and other events
12. K.H.T. Glass Ltd Country: United Kingdom
Supplier of glass colour for blowing, casting, fusing and beadmaking. Over 600 colours available plus tools, equipment and millefiori.
URL: http://www.khtglass.co.uk
Related keywords: glass, color, colour, blowing, overlay, casting, reichenbach, ornela, kugler, beadmaking

1: Art Glass > Equipment for glassworking
13. Kaiser Lee Investment Inc. Country: United States
Glass fusing work shops, private instructions and consulting for production in glass fusing.
URL: http://www.kaiser-lee-glass-art.com
Related keywords: glass fusing, instructions, consulting, casting, fusing, kiln forming, kaiser lee board,

1: Art Glass > Equipment for glassworking
2: Art Glass > Glass > Fused glass
14. Karl Harron GlasStudio Country: United Kingdom
Art glass commissions and tuition.
URL: http://www.theglasstudioireland.com
Related keywords: art glass, fusing, casting, blowing, stained, sandblasting, tiffany, float, workshops

1: Art Glass > Glass > Fused glass
15. Keith Rowe Glass Country: Australia
Over 20 years of creating glass art. Blown work as well as solid casting from the furnace and the kiln. Larger mass produced as well as one off jobs.
URL: http://www.krglass.com
Related keywords: blown glass, kiln cast, sandcasting, engraving, sandblasting, polishing, fuzing and slumping,

1: Art Glass > Glass > Gifts
2: Art Glass > Glass > Tableware

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