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1. Alan Binstock Sculpture Country: United States
I create three dimensional sculptures of glass, steel and stone, alone and in combilations. Glass is cold formed of plate glass, bonded, carved and polished.
URL: http://www.alanbinstock.com
Related keywords: sculpture, three dimensional glass, cold formed glass sculpture,

1: Art Glass > Glass > Figured glass
2. Art Decor Country: Poland
Architectural custom glass etched & carved glass elements: glass door, decorative etched windows and transoms, mirrors, carved glass bath & shower enclosures, glass tables, 3D engraved glass
URL: http://www.artdecor.ig.pl
Related keywords: architectural, carved, glass, glass door, decorative, etched, windows, transoms, mirrors, carved glass bath, shower enclosures, glass tables, 3d engraved glass

1: Art Glass > Glass > 3D engraved glass
2: Flot glass > Glass > Etched glass
3. A Touch of Glass Country: United States
Custom designed stained glass or art glass windows for architectural, commercial, liturgical, residential settings.
URL: http://www.atgstudio.com
Related keywords: stained glass, art glass, sandblasted glass, carved glass, leaded glass, church windows, colored glass, beveled glass, fused glass, hot glass

1: Art Glass > Glass > Fused glass
2: Art Glass > Glass > Stained glass
4. Bloch Studio Country: United States
We create custom etched, carved glass & stained glass. We have available kiln-worked glass, glass flowers, glass sculpture.
URL: http://www.blochstudio.com
Related keywords: etched glass,carved glass, stained glass, custom designs, kiln-worked glass, glass flowers, glass sculpture, glass gifts.

1: Art Glass > Glass > Gifts
2: Art Glass > Glass > Stained glass
5. Carvart Architectural Glass Country: United States
Carvart Architectural Glass is a leading architectural glass manufacturer. Products include custom color laminated, acid etched, etched and carved glass products. Clear and color acid-etched glass blocks. Great prices and lead times. All etched products
URL: http://www.carvartarchitectural.com
Related keywords: etched, carved, laminated, textured, acid etched, interlayers, backpainted, glass doors, sandblasted, frosted, glass blocks, color glass blocks

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2: Flot glass > Glass > Laminated safety glass
3: Flot glass > Glass > Pattern glass
4: Flot glass > Glass > Sand-blasted glass
5: Hollow glass > Glass products > Glass blocks
6. Danziger Designer Glass Studio Country: Canada
Complete design, fabrication and installation services for custom designed glass for architectural, hospitality and residential applications. Working in a variety of common and unique techniques and combinations of techniques to achieve any aesthetic goal.
URL: http://www.danzigerglass.com
Related keywords: decorative, designer, one of a kind, architectural, stained, fused, carved, kiln fired

1: Art Glass > Glass > Bevelled glass
2: Art Glass > Glass > Stained glass
7. Designer Glass Company Country: Canada
We specialize in: art quality sandblasted glass, metal and plastics, deep carved glass, decorative film and vinyl application, exclusive line of cast glass products.
URL: http://www.designerglasscompany.com
Related keywords: sandblast glass, carving, etching, cast glass, custom shaped glass

1: Art Glass > Glass > Engraved glass
2: Flot glass > Glass > Sand-blasted glass
3: Flot glass > Glass > Screen-printed glass
8. Fusion Glassworks Inc Country: Canada
We manufacture decorative glass panels including, sandblasted, carved, leaded sealed units. We also custom bevel and bend glass up to 48"
URL: http://www.fusionglass.com
Related keywords: bevel, bent glass, sandblast, carved, decorative panels,

1: Art Glass > Glass > Fused glass
2: Art Glass > Glass > Stained glass
3: Flot glass > Glass > Etched glass
9. Cynthia Myers Art Glass Country: United States
Cynthia Myers creates exquisite sand-carved art glass. The designs feature floral and animal themes.
URL: http://www.cynthiamyersglass.com/
Related keywords: sand-carved, architectural, vases, doors, windows, bowls, egret, whales, wisteria, etched

1: Art Glass > Glass > Engraved glass
2: Flot glass > @@@ Doors and Windows > Storefronts
10. Gessell Studios Country: United States
Business Info.
Polly Gessell's sand blasted and carved glass pieces run the gamut from delicate stemware to architecturally sturdy walls to any and all glass and stone pieces in between.
URL: http://www.gessellstudios.net
Related keywords: glass, architectural glass, etched glass, etched cross, etched mirror

1: Flot glass > Glass > Sand-blasted glass
11. Glass Impressions Inc. Country: United States
Las Vegas, Nevada glass art studio specializing in custom etched and carved glass. Commercial and residential.
URL: http://www.glassimpressionslv.com
Related keywords: etched, carved, glass, mirror,shower doors, windows, art, table tops

1: Art Glass > Glass > Stained glass
12. Glasstudyo Country: Turkey
Deep carved and etched glass. Custom etched portrait,table tops, divider and doors.
URL: http://glasstudio.freeservers.com
Related keywords: art, glass, art glass, carved, etched, sandblasted, stainedglass, tabletop, door

1: Art Glass > Glass > Stained glass
13. GMD Industries, inc. Country: United States
In business for 22 years. Specializing in carved, sandblasted, frosted, shadow blasting on glass, mirror, metal and stone. We have our own sealer Pro Guard.
URL: http://www.gmdindustries.com
Related keywords: architectural sandblasted glass, carved glass, pro guard, sandblast sealer

1: Flot glass > Glass > Etched glass
14. Golden Glass Art Country: Mexico
We are producer of Venetian Mirrors all carved by hand and decorated with Gold and Silver. Also we work with "Angel gilding" process.
URL: http://geocities.com/goldenglassart
Related keywords: gold mirror, venetian mirror, angel gilding, glass carved, silvering, clocks, glassware, black mirror, handcraft, mirror,

1: Art Glass > Glass > Gifts
2: Flot glass > Glass > Mirrors
15. Indiana Art Glass Country: United States
Art glass company.
URL: http://www.indianaartglass.com
Related keywords: etched, carved, kilned, slumped, textured, manipulated, art glass

1: Art Glass > Glass > Other

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