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1. AArtistic Mirror and Glass, Inc. Country: United States
Business Info.
Manufacturer of elegant custom frameless shower doors, bath and steam enclosures. Free online quotes are available.
URL: http://www.frameless-showers.com/
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2. ACL Inox Rinox Engineering Country: India
We are manufacturer of wide range of stainless steel architectural and railing hardware components. We offer spiders, glass fittings, grabrails, railing components and other architectural components.
URL: http://www.aclinox.com
Related keywords: manufacturer, exporter, architectural components, spiders, bathroom accessories, railing components, customized coponents, marine hardware

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3. Adagio Art Glass Country: United States
Elegant, hand-made fused glass tiles. These jewel-like creations add splashes of elegance to accent any area of your home?kitchen, bath, fireplace, patio, entrance.
URL: http://adagioartglass.com
Related keywords: fused glass tiles, mirrors, backsplash, bath, kitchen, knobs, pulls, decor

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4. AJZ & Associates Consulting Country: United States
Industry service
Consulting and technology transfer for all types of glass manufacturing and fabrication. New thin glass manufacturing technology.
URL: http://ajzonca.tripod.com
Related keywords: float, glass, technology, float plant, tin bath, float bath

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5. Art Decor Country: Poland
Architectural custom glass etched & carved glass elements: glass door, decorative etched windows and transoms, mirrors, carved glass bath & shower enclosures, glass tables, 3D engraved glass
URL: http://www.artdecor.ig.pl
Related keywords: architectural, carved, glass, glass door, decorative, etched, windows, transoms, mirrors, carved glass bath, shower enclosures, glass tables, 3d engraved glass

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6. Artistic Fusion Glass Manufacturing inc. Country: Canada
Artistic Fusion Glass offers an extensive variety of glass panels for glass cabinet doors, french doors, glass art and a vast number of interior design and exterior applications. For new kitchen design to minor kitchen renovations, glass panels can transform your kitchen design dramatically.
URL: http://www.fusionglass.net
Related keywords: kitchen renovations, home renovations, kitchen and bath, kitchen glass doors, kitchen design, stained glass, french doors, interior design, fused glass, kitchen upgrades, glass panels, beveled glass, kitchen door panels, decorative kitchens, kitchen manu

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7. Bath Aqua Glass Country: United Kingdom
Bath Aqua Glass produce a freeblown turqoise glass which reflects roman and georgian styles it is signed and dated and orginal to Bath. This glass is highly collectable.
URL: http://www.bathaquaglass.com
Related keywords: collectable, hand made, glass bath, aqua glass, jewellery fused, glas pendants

1: Art Glass > Glass > Glass jevellery
8. Belgium Glass Equipment Country: Belgium
Engineering, manufacturing & installation of complete tin bath equipment for the production of float glass including peripherals such as top rollers, dross box, coolers, spout, canal, tweels mechanism.
URL: http://www.bge.be

1: Flot glass > Machinery and Equipment > Float glass production
9. Best Metal Corp. Country: Taiwan Region
BEMCOP shower enclosure hardware, glass accessories - varied products and finishes attain by combining different components to match the design of your bathroom area.
URL: http://mart.cetra.org.tw/bemcop.vtm

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2: Flot glass > Accessories and tools > Fittings
10. Castalloy International Country: India
Manufacturer of Metal Parts for Qvf/Schott/Xtrong type glass process plants & Equipment.
URL: http://www.castalloyintl.com
Related keywords: flanges, fittings, heating/cooling bath, sight glasses, rotary film evaporators, stirrers.

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11. DSF Refractories & Minerals Ltd Country: United Kingdom
Industry service
An independent producer of high alumina & special refractories for use in float glass containers, fibre glass, TV glass and other specialist glass manufacturers.
URL: http://ww.dsf.co.uk
Related keywords: refractories, melter, regenerators, forehearth, mullite, spinel, flux, high alumina, rider arch, tin bath,

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3: Other glass industries
12. Fine Mirrors Country: United States
Offers decorative wall mirrors for home decor furnishing.
URL: http://www.finemirrors.com
Related keywords: wall mirror, bathroom mirror, framed mirrors, gold mirror, gilded mirror, home decor, furnishings, furniture

1: Flot glass > Glass > Mirrors
13. Gardner and Newton Country: United Kingdom
Specialist glass benders, curved glass bathroom bowls, double glazed units, rooflights.
URL: http://www.glassbending.co.uk
Related keywords: glass bending, curved glass, bent glass, rooflights

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14. Glass With Attitude (Glasswa) Country: United Kingdom
Fast response, specialist in fused glass manufacture of bespoke design tiles and panels windows and doors for architectural and interior applications.
URL: http://www.Glasswa.com
Related keywords: specialist glass, interior design, kitchen design, bathroom design, glassware, stained glass, safety glass, glass tiles, glass panels, glass splashbacks

1: Art Glass > Glass > Fused glass
15. GlassOPTs Country: Indonesia
Industry service
Consulting in float glass operations with over 33 years in Float Glass manufacturing.training personal in all aspects of the float glass processes, batching, melting, tin bath, and annealing.
URL: http://www.glassopts.com/FloatGlass/

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