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1. Absolute Glassworks, Inc. Country: United States
Everything Glass except automotive! Specializing in storefronts, mirrors, showers, glass repair, table tops, insulated glass, pattern glass, sand blasted designs, patterns, X-ray lead eq glass.
URL: http://www.AbsoluteGlassworks.com
Related keywords: mirrors, mirror walls, ig units, glass replacement, pattern glass, shower enclosures
2. Marshield Div. of Mars Metal Company Country: Canada
Servicing the nuclear, medical, dental and veterinary sectors worldwide. Custom designed radiation protection, storage and shielding product solutions. Products include Lead Glass, acrylic, doors and windows.
URL: http://www.marshield.com
Related keywords: lead, radiation, nuclear, shielding, x-ray, electromagnetic, mri shielding, lead casting
3. McGrory Glass, Inc. Country: United States
McGrory Glass, Inc. is a leading flat glass fabricator and consultant to the Architectural Glass industry. McGrory stocks a wide assortment of both domestic and imported decorative, patterned, laminated and radiation shielding glass.
URL: http://www.mcgrory-glass.com
4. Nelco Country: United States
Nelco is provider of radiation shielding materials. These products include lead glass, lead lined products of all kinds. We also provide complete product installation through out the world.
URL: http://www.nelco-usa.com
Related keywords: x-ray glass, x-ray protection, x-ray shielding, lead, lead products, lead doors
5. Ray-Bar Engineering Corporation Country: United States
RAY-BAR manufactures/fabricates x-ray lead glass products for radiation shielding uses in medical x-ray,imaging,therapy and nuclear applications for over 60 years.
URL: http://www.raybar.com
6. Ray-Bar Engineering Corporation Country: United States
Manufacturing and fabricating x-ray lead glass and special radiation shielded glass products for medical,therapy and industrial use for over 60 years.
URL: http://www.xrayglass.com
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