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1. Academy Precision Materials Country: United States
Manufacturer of precious and base metal sputtering targets for coating applications.
URL: http://www.apmtargets.com
Related keywords: sputtering targets, silver, gold, base metals
2. Aluminum Supply Company, Inc. Country: United States
Distributor and fabricator of architectural trim and flashing. Stocking distributor of aluminum extrusions, mill & anodized. Large inventory of sheet product: anodized, painted, mill & stainless
URL: http://www.aluminumsupply.com
Related keywords: metal fabricator, aluminum extrusions mill and anodized, finished aluminum sheet
3. Amberger Kaolinwerke Eduard Kick GmbH & Co. KG Country: Germany
Rohstoffe für die Glasindustrie; rawmaterial for the glassindustrie Eisenarme Kalifeldspäte, hochreine Glassande
URL: http://www.akw-kick.com
Related keywords: feldspat, feldspar, kali-feldspat, kali-feldspar, glassand, eisenarm, quartzsand, quarzsand, rohstoffe, rawmaterial
4. American Chemet Corporation Country: United States
Manufacturer of cuprous oxide, cupric oxide, copper powder, and zinc oxide. Copper oxides for use as colorant for red or green glass or de-colorizer
URL: http://www.chemet.com
Related keywords: copper oxide, cuprous oxide, cupric, de-colorizer, colorant
5. American Elements Country: United States
America's manufacturer of rare earth colorants, cerium polishes, crystal and optic fluorides and dopants, including cerium, erbium, neodymium, praseodymium, dysprosium, ytterbium, gallium arsenide
URL: http://www.americanelements.com
Related keywords: cerium, neodymium, fluoride, erbium, rare earth, crystal, ytterbium, holmium,
6. Brunner Mond Country: 
Industry service
Manufacturer and supplier of soda ash, sodium bicarbonate and associated alkaline chemicals.
URL: http://www.brunnermond.com
7. Carmeuse Group Country: Belgium
Industry service
Carmeuse is an international group leader in the production of dolomite, limestone, dolime (Magnesium oxide), quicklime and hydrated lime.
URL: http://www.carmeuse.com
Related keywords: lime,calcium carbonate,calcium oxide,dolimitic lime,hydrated lime,limestone,dolime, magnesium oxide,quicklime
8. Cathay Advanced Materials Limited Country: China
Supply Rare Earth, sputtering target, evaporation sources
URL: http://cachem.china-wwwinfo.com
Related keywords: lanthanum, cerium, praseodymium, neodymium, europium, gadolinium, wire, erbium, yttrium, foil,
We produce refractory for glass industry: silica bricks, mullite bricks, zircon bricks, zircon-mullite bricks, sillimanite bricks, mortar.
URL: http://www.bizminerals.com
Related keywords: silica bricks, sillimanite bricks, zircon bricks, mullite bricks, zircon-mullite bricks, mortar
10. Kaveh Glass Industry Country: Iran
Manufaturer of float glass, Sheet glass, Table ware,h ollow ware, sand, row material, glass moulds, mirror, colored glass
URL: http://www.kavehglass.com
Related keywords: iran,float, glass,sheet,row material,table ware,float technology
11. Lands Superabrasives Country: United States
Lands Superabrasives is a diamond micronizer of synthetic and natural precision graded diamond micron powder. Diamond abrasive for lapping, Polishing, grinding and dicing applications.
URL: http://www.landssuperabrasives.com
Related keywords: diamond powder, diamond micron, diamond dust, superabrasive powder, natural diamond
12. Metall Rare Earth Limited Country: China
The China's leading Rare Earth products supplier for glass industry.
URL: http://www.rareearth.com.cn
Related keywords: cerium, erbium, neodymium, lanthanum, gadolinium compounds
13. Motim Fused Cast Refractories Ltd. Country: Hungary
Production and marketing of fused cast refractories (corundum and AZS) Glass melting furnaces Heat exchange systems
URL: http://www.motim.hu
14. Otavi Minerals GmbH Country: Germany
Processing and marketing of raw materials (e.g. Spodumene) applied in glass, ceramics, refractory or metallurgy.
URL: http://www.otavi.de
Related keywords: bariumcarbonat, bauxit, graphit, copper oxide, lithiumcarbonat, wollastonit, zircon, spodumene, titaniumdioxid, chamotte
15. Schlingmeier Quarzsand GmbH & Co. KG Country: Germany
Supplier of high-grade industrial silica sand for the glass industry.
URL: http://www.schlingmeierquarzsand.com
Related keywords: silica sand, quartz sand, high purity, raw material, glassand, hochreine quarzsande

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